On Tuesday I gave a talk at Defuse Dublin, which was a truly awesome event, organised by Dublin IxDA binomo.com. I had five minutes to argue that our points of view are insurmountable. They are the main decision makers in where we go, both on and offline, no matter how good signs, labels or even conversations are. That means we should spend more time designing things that are interesting, so that when users get lost (which they will), they’ll stick around because we’ve made their surroundings so damn compelling. Organisation is noble, but often etoro france, futile.

Watch me talk about it and see if you can spot my complete terror (whoever invented Pecha Kucha is sadistic).

Randall Snare

This week we spoke at the Smart Content Conference in NYC. We talked about humanity. Also, numbers. We’ve published our slides – check them out (incentive: there are mermaids).
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Web-related job titles. No topic is more likely to generate possessiveness, fear and rampant insecurity.

There is a prevailing and ongoing confusion around the relatively new title of content strategist etoro papua new guinea, and the field called content strategy. I find these arguments simultaneously boring and frustrating, and while I hardly think one post from me is going to silence the issue, I wanted to see if I could tease out some of the arguments here. Read the rest of this entry »

Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve seen countless requests on the Content Strategy Google Group for document templates, diagrams and other materials – anything tangible to support CS work.

We’re a new field, and knowledge sharing is necessary and welcome. Documentation matters. It needs to be done, and it’s what convinces the powers that be that our work is important. Deliverables are – in a practical sense – what we get paid for.

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I’m writing a novel. Correction: I wrote a hundred pages, then put it away for 2 years lest I develop trichotillomania. Then I took it out again for a workshop this summer, in attempts to resurrect it.

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