A Short History of Everything: a CS Forum Cape Town production

by Randall Snare

It is January, and CS Forum Cape Town was in October. But if you consider the amount of time it took us to recover, the timing’s just right.

Before we talk about the event, here’s a decree: ALL CONFERENCES SHOULD HAPPEN ON VINEYARDS.



The lovely and talented Kerry Anne, Irene and Nathan asked us to close CS Forum Cape Town (we went on right after the cheetah) and we immediately went out and bought togas.

Onstage in togas for our CS Forum Cape Town presentation

As we’re obsessed with storytelling (we can’t stop writing about it), we thought we’d talk about our industry - content strategy/design/UX - in the context of the other industries that changed the way we tell stories.

We started at the ancient Greeks, took a stop at Newsies, Marshall McLuhan and The Net, and ended up in Cape Town at the third annual Content Strategy Forum (this year, it’s in Helsinki! Yay!).

Since we’re not going on tour (yet), we thought we’d let you read the script, if you’re so inclined. And bonus, you can watch a short video highlighting some of the awesome people who made CS Forum Cape Town so great.

The script

A Short History of Everything by

And the movie

Elizabeth will be talking about this, amongst other adventures, at the next Content Strategy meetup in London, on February 26th. You can get her autograph if you go. And if you miss that event, then there’s always Finland.

Hope to see you there!


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Randall Snare
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