Talk: On co-creation and collaboration

by Elizabeth McGuane

I gave a lightning talk - my very first - at the London Content Strategy Meetup last week, on the topic of creative collaboration and what it’s taught me about collaborating at work. I had a crucial strategic advantage in that I went on last, by which time people had drunk enough to think I was funny.



A lightning talk is a peculiar form of self-applied torture in which you boil down your thoughts on a topic into 20 slides, which then advance automatically every 15 seconds, while you spiral into a state of anxiety in which time has no meaning.

There’ll be a video of my talk at some point, which will be unintelligible due to my talking at a rate of knots and my voice becoming increasingly high pitched.

And here is that very video, in which I discuss:

  • My Irish early childhood
  • Why storytellers are natural leaders
  • Reading books
  • Being afraid of public speaking but doing it anyway
  • Why it’s rewarding to work with a creative partner (especially Randall Snare)
  • Highland cows
  • Architects in suspenders
  • Learning to give and receive criticism
  • Why watching people argue can be beautiful sometimes
  • What we can learn from Google’s new design direction

Til then And here are my slides:

About the meetup

The London CS Meetup is a great group of people - if you’re in or near London later this month, come along to the next one.


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Elizabeth McGuane
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