Talk: Structured content in design

by Elizabeth McGuane

I spoke at the inaugural Generate conference, cohosted by .net magazine and Creative Bloq, earlier today.



There was an accidental trend running through the day, starting with Oliver Reichenstein‘s keynote, Information Entropy, which posited that ‘we are making a mess’, and ending with Mark Boulton‘s closing talk, called simply ‘Making things is messy’.

My talk was about mess, too - the mess you need to get through to get at structure, and the need to allow for a little bit. I found out early on, in the project I discussed, that spreadsheets alone won’t save you. But I also found that working our way toward understanding structure - of narrative, of format, of layout, of data, of interface - was a way for different disciplines to find common ground. It appeals to me, I think, because on one side of my brain, the side I usually bring to work, I like to start everything out by breaking things into small pieces - whereas the other side likes to just charge ahead and make, make, make.

Here are my slides - there’ll be video up somewhere at some point too, I hear.


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