Book Writing

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The Common Core State Standards say that students will: Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research. In other words, students must learn to write about reading. Use this fun format to teach students just how to do this. Hook kids on writing about reading with short stories and picture… Read More Now You Can Have Your essay writing services Done Safely


Types Of Sentences In Essay

Try to have different sentence types so let  look at examples the economy for simple the economy has recovered subject verb subject economy has recovered verb that  a complete sentence complete idea independent clause you can also make it SVO subject verb object the economy has regained regained what its upward momentum okay subject verb… Read More Types Of Sentences In Essay


Plagiarism: Lesson One

Hello my name is Professor Andrew Young and today we’ll be discussing plagiarism in two lessons. The first lesson will focus on what is plagiarism while the second lesson will address how to avoid plagiarism but first what is plagiarism according to merriam-webster’s online dictionary plagiarism is the act of using another person’s words or… Read More Plagiarism: Lesson One


Milieu and Mimicry

You know the way everyone’s starting to sound the same? It’s weird, right? Here at Mapped we’ve noticed a tonal shift, if not seismic, at least tremorous. The way we speak online tends to blur together – on Twitter, on Facebook, in the blog posts we write and comments we leave – into a unified… Read More Milieu and Mimicry


Language be Сomplex

  We all know that writing for online should be task based. Shut up and help your audience do something: buy your shit, listen to your spiel, apply for your thingamabob, etc. The problem is that task-based writing is all plot. Often when we get to the point, we lose the nuance. And language is… Read More Language be Сomplex


A linguistic Investigation

The number one song in America right now is ‘We are never ever getting back together’ by the pouty, prolific songstress, Taylor Swift (here’s a video with ransom-note like lyrics only). It’s a catchy tune; I’m not cool enough to deny this. Remaining uncool, I decided to investigate the lyrics like a forensic linguist would,… Read More A linguistic Investigation