About Us

Relax – you’re reading a content strategy blog. Let us explain:

Mapped is a blog by three content strategists working on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s our outlet for all things related to storytelling, content strategy, the web, the mobile web and user experience design that we find frustrating, awesome or weird.

We write for ourselves, but we hope you find something to read that you like. That’s why we’re here.

If you can’t tell, we just launched this blog. So we haven’t done half of what we’re planning to do: with our posts, with our design, with our fonts even. Doesn’t that make us mysterious?

Yes but who are we really?

We like talking about ourselves – who doesn’t? Here’s a little background on each contributor to Mapped – you know, where we’re from, who our influences are, what we like to talk about on Twitter.

Elizabeth McGuane

Elizabeth is an independent content strategist based in London. She started out writing for the Sunday Business Post (the website is a shambles – sorry), where she was an overly critical theatre and book reviewer.

She left journalism in 2007 – just before her allergy to newsprint went fullblown – to join user experience design consultancy iQ Content as a content specialist. She then learned a lot, really fast, and became a champion for great content design and strategy for her clients.

She now spends her days writing, editing, auditing and trying countless productivity apps.

Elizabeth was born in Ireland but calls herself Canadian – but she’s lived in Ireland for more years now than she spent growing up in Nova Scotia. We smell identity crisis.


Randall Snare

Randall is Content Strategy Lead at iQ Content. Before she started getting all too excited about wireframes and editorial calendars, Randall worked for Conde Nast in New York, where she produced several online magazines. Her favourite was Gourmet (it was the test kitchen). Before that, she was an online editorial assistant at Every Day with Rachael Ray(another food magazine) and a freelance restaurant reviewer for The Onion. She likes eating food as much as writing about it.

She grew up in New Orleans, were she studied fiction writing amongst the sounds of jazz wind instruments. This is not a cliche, because she went to the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, more famous for its jazz programme than its silent writing students in the attic.

Randall and Elizabeth love talking about content strategy. Possibly because they love the sound of their own voices, but more possibly because they find content strategy and user experience design exciting. Two of their talks were ‘The Evolution of Content’ at the first European Content Strategy Forum in Paris, and ‘Usable Language’ at the DotConf in Dublin.