About Mapped.


Mapped is a blog about stories, language, design, information, perception, art and the web. It explores the ways people understand and use language as writers and readers, and how that's changing - but also not -
in the digital age.

It's written by two web content strategists who give occasional talks on sundry topics and like to interview interesting people.

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A note on the design: The site was created with the visual design expertise of Tom Cunningham and the development shenanigans of Martha Rotter.

The writers.

Elizabeth McGuane is a writer, editor and content strategist currently living in London. She's from Ireland by way of Nova Scotia, or maybe it's the other way round.

She was a journalist in Dublin for seven years, but left all that to work in user experience design, despite not even knowing what a <p> tag was.

She moved to London in 2010, where she works for a large digital agency, eats too much hummous, and dreams of owning a chihuahua. Her thoughts on Mapped are her own, as far as she knows.

You can follow Elizabeth on Twitter, where she mostly writes in the first person.

Randall Snare is the Head of Content Strategy at iQ Content, a design and strategy consultancy in Dublin.

The path to Dublin started in New Orleans, where she was born and eventually studied fiction writing amongst the sounds of jazz wind instruments.

This is not a cliche, because she went to the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, more famous for its jazz programme than its silent writing students in the attic.

She continued to New York, working as a journalist and web editor at magazines like Gourmet, Glamour and The Onion (she's most proud of the latter).

She loves Mapped almost as much as she loves dogs.

You can follow Randall on Twitter.


About Mapped.

We're two writers who make web things. We're interested in what makes stories go: in our brains, online, in design, fiction, culture and everywhere.

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