How To Introduce Your Paper

Hummingbirds are a welcome addition to your backyard birding experience not only will they provide excellent viewing experiences for your friends and family to enjoy they may also help your garden and flowers thrive attracting hummingbirds to your backyard can also help attract other nectar feeding animals to your backyard Perot providing that’s a spelling error even more viewing opportunity understanding a little about how these birds thrive in their natural environment will help you attract then another spelling error to your backyard while creating a natural atmosphere now I intentionally wrote this introduction with very little errors I picked two spelling errors that I put in here. Get to know how to do great introductions that will hook your reader on Edusson.

And I will talk about them in a second but let’s talk about the introduction as a whole first of all your introduction needs to introduce your paper and what you’re gonna find out is that what I talked about in this introduction really provides groundwork for what’s laid out in the paper now if you saw the assignment criteria for this assuming there was one but like I said I just made this up literally in my head today you would you would probably see that none of the assignment criteria ended up in my introduction so it’s not necessarily appropriate nor will it be accepted for you to write an introduction where you just take the four bullet points from the assignment criteria and make a sentence for each one so if the assignment criteria says you know you should attract why should you attract hummingbirds to your backyard you shouldn’t say this paper will cover why we should attract hummingbirds to the backyard we want to try to write in a style similar to what we read on a regular basis and what I’ve done here is provide you guys a really good basis for how to introduce the paper without ever mentioning I we US or in this paper those are kind of the four things you really want to try to avoid.

Now I provided two spelling errors in this section one of which just a spelling error to show you that if you have a spelling error I’m going to mark it with SP the other one is a spelling error that in the first spelling error the providing here it it likely underlined that in word it showed you that that was a misspelling but this one here not so much then is a word so it wouldn’t underline it it really meant to be them there so that’s just something to kind of bear in mind you need to proofread your work just to make sure that you’re catching all those errors you can’t just trust word to catch everything so as we go in here to the second paragraph you’ll see we have a heading properly formatted in APA format this is a level one I’ll write that down for you level one heading now there’s multiple levels of APA headings there’s also various particular rules about how to use those different levels I’m going to go out and say you could probably write every paper in this course only using level 1 headings however the university’s writing requirements require that you use headings so please use them.