Types Of Sentences In Essay

Try to have different sentence types so let  look at examples the economy for simple the economy has recovered subject verb subject economy has recovered verb that  a complete sentence complete idea independent clause you can also make it SVO subject verb object the economy has regained regained what its upward momentum okay subject verb object still a simple sentence complex the economy which had been stagnant has recovered the economy adjective Clause giving you a little bit of information about the economy and then your verb compound the economy has recovered but job listings have remained stagnant so the economy has recovered period complete sentence job listings have remained stagnant period complete sentence join them together with a conjunction but and you have a compound sentence.

Compound complex the economy which had been stagnant for some time has finally shown signs of growth but job listings nevertheless remain flat the economy has finally shown signs of growth independent clause which had been stagnant adjective Clause about the economy and again but job listings another independent clause with a coordinating conjunction now these are all very basic sentences and for example the comp X sentences I will tell you right now the most common dependent clause that people use is the adjective clause and the adverb clause with although or when try to have different ones if you can especially the noun clauses people don’t use noun clauses enough in their essays so just keep all these in mind now people often ask me how do I make a simple sentence complex it  actually very simple add an independent after I add a dependent clause right Jeff bought a car with his father  gift money Jeff subject bought very what a car object how with his father  gift money but you have an independent clause only with some modifiers Jeff bought a car with the gift money which gift money that his father gave him adjective clause and you have a complex sentence but when they  talking about sentence variety on these exams that  not what they  talking about.

They don’t want to just have very simple simple sentences and very simple complex sentences okay I shouldn’t say simple I’m going to use the word basic and elaborate okay and I’ll show you what I mean in a moment these are very easy sentences these are the sentences that everybody tries to use on their exams and you know what it doesn’t get you the extra points because they  very easy so I’m going to show you different elements that you can use besides the different sentence types to get variety in your writing to make it writing more sophisticated more interesting and have a lot of power in terms of controlling the pace that emphasize the details all these things so let  get started with that okay so what we  talking about sentence variety there are a few things that you can do to make your sentences varied you can change your sentence type simple complex compound etc you can also change the composition or the styles so placement where you put information where you put your modifiers is very important in terms of the meaning.